Me Alex Vulliamy


I live in London and am interested in artficial life, check out the incredible Framsticks, Polyworld, and USim. For probably the best list of artificial life projects try Zooland. I've written an applet which generates text cut-ups. My philosophical ideas about holism vs. reductionism can be found here. My own experimients in artificial life have included evolving robots which I have stripped down and ported to java for you here, and and Prisoner Society, which uses simple neural networks and is a spatialy iterated prisoner's dilemma program. (download *unfinished* Evolving robots, Prisoner Society, both for mac OS classic). Flies source etc. at bottom of page. I've added a page with prg download of a very old commodore pet game here.

Here's flies in java -

If you can read this then either you aren't java-enabled, or try the link below.

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More about Flies | The java source. | The C source